Photo Gallery of Indian Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, Delhi

The Republic Day Parade or the Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi is an event which all Indian’s watch every year on the occasion of Indian Republic Day on January 26.

In this vibrant parade, there is a display of various tanks, missiles and other military equipment showcasing military prowess of the nation.

The parade also includes march-past of different regiments of the Armed Forces, Police, Home Guards, National Cadet Corps, Navy and Air Force.

The parade also includes traditional dance troupes and tableau from various states and union territories of India showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage.

I am sure reading all this you might be eager to see Photos of Republic Day Parade.

Photo Gallery of Indian Republic Day Parade :

Note : India will celebrate its 68th Republic Day on 26 January 2017. After the Parade gets over we will have here Republic Day Parade 2017 Photos.